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Yes, I also sell on Etsy!

Lizzy Lane Designs is located in Pennsylvania!

Products & Services

-Use the highest quality paper you can, I prefer using matte photo paper (not just copy paper or cardstock) which comes in different weights similar to copy paper and cardstock
-don’t use knock-off inks, I have had really bad experiences with those and I only buy canon brand ink
-set your printer to the correct settings for the paper you are using and at the highest quality

I think it would still work if you use the matte photo paper.  If not, you can always get items printed for your locally (office supply stores).

Terms of Use

-unlimited personal use
-unlimited small commercial use but the items must be handmade by you

-digital products for sale
-branding such as logo designs, banners, web design etc
-mass production
-sites such as zazzle, cafe press etc.

Have more questions? Send me a message!